Monday, April 23, 2012

Zede's Sewing Studio is Close to Their Goal

Zede's Sewing Studio, who I mentioned in an earlier post, is making great progress in their goal to get 250 Garden of Daisies-designed "Read" bags out to the "Jumpstart" reading program in Columbia, MO. Lots of local customers and friends are contributing as well as others not so close to them, like Julie in NJ. This is great! Keep up the good work!!
If you'd like to make a "Read" bag for Zede's, click here to get started!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hexagon Intrigue

I have sewn my whole life. I have sewn for a living for most of my adult life and I've owned my own embroidery business for the past 13 years. What I haven't done a lot of, though, is quilting. But...I think the bug has bitten. I am so in love with the fresh, new designer cottons -- especially the ones that give a nostalgic little nod to days gone by. I especially go for the ones in candy-sweet colors and if there's a polka dot or a gingham check, I'm head-over-heels in love.

I love traditional quilts themselves, but not sure I have the patience to make one, so I'm really drawn to the other types of quilty goodness I've seen. Purses, pouches and pillows, clothing all look good to me. I now know what a mug rug is and think I can probably handle one.

I've started with hexagons. They're small, portable and fairly easy to make. I've got a very big project in the works right now, so these little cuties are perfect for when I need a break or find myself with a few spare minutes. I'm not sure what I will make with them yet, but I know something will come to me. And in the meantime, I'll keep adding to my stash -- that's a given.

What Time Is It?

For all of you machine embroiderers, Oregon Patch Work's "Silver Threads, Golden Needles" membership club is a great way to add new and fun designs to your stash. Each month, subscribers receive 70 to 100 designs for a low set fee and if you pre-pay 3, 6 or 12 months at a time, you get a discount. All sets from previous months are available for purchase, too, by clicking the "Archives" link at the top of their page. I am happy to be a designer for the club. This month, my "Tea Time" designs are included and would make great embellishments for tea towels, place name it! 

So...make yourself a cup of tea and look around the club archives. There are lots of wonderful designs and most archived pages have FREE designs for you to download right at the bottom of the page.
Happy stitching!!

Fabric Obsessions

Yes...I have many. Internet browsing makes it SO easy to know what I don't yet have in my stash. There is a line of fabrics that I absolutely love -- Flower Sugar -- by Lecien Corporation. It puts a sweet, contemporary spin on vintage-y, candy-colored florals. They have released many versions, but because they drop them from their website as time goes by, I have to resort to searching online quilt shops to A: determine the depth and breadth of the entire line, and B: determine which individual fabrics MUST be added to my stash. I have learned, through my research, that some fabrics are difficult to acquire -- especially the ones from the earliest releases.

I picked up a few pieces that were relatively easy to find. Then, of course, I find myself most attracted to the most elusive of prints. Like this one:

I was lucky enough to find 1 2/3 yards at The Quilting Garden. It shipped yesterday -- can't wait to get it! Did I mention that I love to get mail?
Next up is this one: 

This is from Lecien's "Antique Flowers" collection. These are the colors that are in my "dream studio" that's dancing around in my head. I can feel an order being placed right now.

I hope I'm ahead of the game in admitting my obsessions: great cotton prints and vintage sewing books. And chocolate. Can't forget that one.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Show & Share

I love to hear from people who have used my patterns and designs and are happy with them. I heard from Donna M., from Claremore, OK, on Tuesday. She had this to say:

Hi JoAnn,
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed both patterns.  The E-book layout is delightful.  I love the vibrant colors and also the clean lines & understandable organized instructions.  The tips are a pleasant surprise & so helpful.  It makes you want to dive right into sewing.  I can hardly wait for your next pattern!

Thank you,
Donna M.
Last night, I received pictures of her creations using my "Out & About Zippered Wristlet" pattern. These are great!! Donna told me that she made them for her four granddaughters and is filling them with treats for Easter. I love the candy colors and and the cute holiday print. I know Donna's grandduaghters will love them, too!

Thanks for sharing, Donna!!