Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fabric Obsessions

Yes...I have many. Internet browsing makes it SO easy to know what I don't yet have in my stash. There is a line of fabrics that I absolutely love -- Flower Sugar -- by Lecien Corporation. It puts a sweet, contemporary spin on vintage-y, candy-colored florals. They have released many versions, but because they drop them from their website as time goes by, I have to resort to searching online quilt shops to A: determine the depth and breadth of the entire line, and B: determine which individual fabrics MUST be added to my stash. I have learned, through my research, that some fabrics are difficult to acquire -- especially the ones from the earliest releases.

I picked up a few pieces that were relatively easy to find. Then, of course, I find myself most attracted to the most elusive of prints. Like this one:

I was lucky enough to find 1 2/3 yards at The Quilting Garden. It shipped yesterday -- can't wait to get it! Did I mention that I love to get mail?
Next up is this one: 

This is from Lecien's "Antique Flowers" collection. These are the colors that are in my "dream studio" that's dancing around in my head. I can feel an order being placed right now.

I hope I'm ahead of the game in admitting my obsessions: great cotton prints and vintage sewing books. And chocolate. Can't forget that one.


hag-a-needle said...

Very pretty. I love material!!

Jo Connolly said...

Me, too!! Fabric shopping is my #1 favorite thing to do. :)

janm. said...

I can attest to that. :)