Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fit For A Queen!

Last Spring, when I was working on my new book -- "Sweet Stitches" -- I was working on the Regally Radiant Birthday Crown project and had to run to the craft store for some supplies. Keep in mind I was working on a crown (see below).

While I was walking from my car to the front door of the store, I saw something pink on the ground a little way ahead. When I bent down to get a closer look, I was so pleasantly surprised to see that it was, of all things, a CROWN! Granted, it is WAY smaller than the one I was working on -- Barbie-sized, maybe?? -- but I took it as a sign that the Universe and I were on the same page. I keep it on my desk near my computer and it always makes me smile. I consider it my good luck charm for my new book's success.
Happy stitching!!

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