Friday, January 18, 2013

It's A Book!!!

I have been waiting nearly a year to be able to say these words: "It's a book!!" It's been a creative journey unlike any other and it's been a blast!
To see my book ready and available online is like no other feeling I've had before...except maybe when I had my kids! I know...a little weird. :) My passion is sewing and machine embroidery. For me, sharing that passion is as much fun as doing it. Being able to share it through a published book is amazing!!
Over the past few years, I've been a frequent contributor to Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine. Editor & publisher Eileen Roche, managing editor Denise Holguin, and acquisitions editor Christine Doyle saw enough value in my work to contract with me to be one of the first authors of their new series of creative machine embroidery books.
So... here it is:

From their website:
"Little girls have a unique affection for all things pretty, especially when that something pretty is made just for her. And the little girl in your life will giggle with delight when she sees what you've made for her from Sweet Stitches.
Inside this book by JoAnn Connolly, you'll learn to make eight oh-so pretty projects including a name banner for her room, a monogrammed pillow fit for a princess, and an embellished birthday crown for her special day. Watch her eyes light up when you give her the delightful flower headband, and see her jump up and down at the sight of her stylish new pajamas. Each project includes complete step-by-step instructions with photographs and all the embroidery design files you need—including one appliqué alphabet and one stitched alphabet!"
Happy stitching!!
Jo  :)

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