Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Dear Friend Angus

I have a dear, little friend named Angus.  He is one of those "good people" who makes you feel happy just being with him. He is very smart and has many interests like Dr. Who and fish. I was lucky to spend some time yesterday with him and his mum, Jen, who is one of my favorite sewing buddies. When I got to their workshop yesterday, Angus surprised me with this marvelous, "mechanical" card that he had created just for me!! You can see in the first picture that there are two small areas in the upper corners that say "Pull". Well, what a surprise is waiting for you when you do that!! A SECOND picture drops out right into your lap!! So at first, you think you are getting this really great card with a spectacular picture ON it, but then you soon realize that you got TWO pictures because another one is IN it!! How lucky am I to have a special friend like Angus? Very lucky, indeed!!

Thank you, Angus!!


Angus MacLellan said...

that sounds like a great freind.

Jo Connolly said...

He is indeed. :)

Angus MacLellan said...

Jo, that is so sweet. We both really enjoyed your company.