Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Am Embarrassed To Admit...

...that although I have been an avid and eager (read: addicted) collector (hoarder?) of printed cotton fabrics for many years, I somehow missed two wonderful fabric shops within easy driving distance of where I live. The first is about a 6 minute drive. How could I not know they were there??

Quilters Common, at 364 Main Street in Wakefield, MA, offers a HUGE selection of gorgeous, colorful fabrics: designer, traditional, batiks, kids, etc., lots of tools and supplies, as well as patterns and books. The owners Collette Emelian and Antoinette Evans, who are sisters, are friendly and fun, and if you want to take your coat off and poke around, they are happy to let you. Pull around back -- the entrance is near the parking lot. Visit today and prepare to be inspired!


The other great shop I found is Quilter's Way, at 75 Commonwealth Ave. in Concord, MA. Owner Jane Barnett offers colorful, designer fabrics, notions, patterns, pre-cuts and more. Their innovative, online "Kit Designer" allows quilters to pair patterns with their own fabric choices for creative, one-of-a-kind projects. Classes and studio time are available so you can hang out with other like-minded souls who understand the appeal of great fabric. :) Visit them in person or online -- you won't be disappointed! 

How I missed these two gems is beyond me. I guess I'll have to chalk it up to my head being filled with "so many projects and so little time".

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